Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pigeon Toed Mo' Fo'

I discovered today why I get blood blisters on my big toes after long runs at a higher pace. Only time will tell in this experiment of one, but a 5k run at lunch time where I really focused on what my feet were telling me led me to discover that I run ever so slightly pigeon toed.

It's probably not noticeable to the naked eye, and I doubt I'd ever have realised this in the vibrams, but once I realised that my feet weren't quite landing squarely, I then noticed I could feel a bit of twisting on the big toe and its ball. As my feet lift off the ground my leg rotates outward slightly, causing enough friction to lead to some nice blisters.

A small adjustment made and the difference was apparent immediately. Looking forward to a few longer runs to see what the outcome is over a longer period.

Onto some links. I watched a couple of fantastic videos on Chris McDougall's website today.

First, Chris' take on running. It touches on some things in his book, Born to Run, but some fascinating insights into the history of running as well. Full post is here.

Second, a tutorial on running form. It has a bit of propaganda for Terra Plana (not that I am against the company, in fact I love their shoes and have a pair I wear for work which are uber comfortable), but it is well worth a watch. I'll be trying out the drills first opportunity. Full post is here.

Learn to Run Barefoot with Lee Saxby and Terra Plana
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