Friday, April 16, 2010

Trainingus Interruptus

Very excited to be heading off on a 10 day holiday to NZ this evening. My training for the marathon in mid-May has been severely interrupted by trip preparation & planning, and it will obviously be interrupted by the trip itself too.

But I am not too fussed. 5 days hiking through the spectacular mountains near Queenstown will cure that ill :) I wonder if all the hiking will help in any way? I am only taking the vibrams, no hiking boots, which is a stark change from the heavy hiking boots I used to parade around in a few years ago. We've come a long way baby.

I went for another tan time trial during the week. Slightly disappointed to come in at almost exactly the same time of 14:38 that I did in Feb. This tells me that I'm at least able to maintain my fitness when reducing the running load, but on the other hand, I've hit a plateau, and to go to the next level I think I need to start running again every day. More interval training too, as I have learned during my certificate of fitness studies.

I do miss that feeling of getting out every day. Unfortunately, being quite slim already, I wasn't able to maintain my weight and was getting to a weight that I wasn't happy with. This time around I am going to up the calories. The challenge will be to do it in a helpful way, not just with junk food....

But that's all for when I get back. Right now I must finish packing. It's holiday time!

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