Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gale force winds...

...blowing out of my mouth as I went for another tan time trial today. Managed to improve on my P.B, 14:32 today. It was a struggle early after some interval training yesterday, but I feel ok now. Nothing like an endorphin rush to dull the ache. Pretty shagged though.

Haven't had a chance to do much blogging since arriving back from the NZ hiking trip (which was awesome). Life getting in the way and all that. I did come up with some ideas for posts that I really want to write which I will eventually get around to. Lots of thinking time when you hike for 5 days...maybe too much!

Only 11 days till the great ocean road marathon, and I am still um-ing and ah-ing over whether to go barefoot or in the vibrams. I am pretty confident I can finish barefoot injury free, but the ego in me says run in the vibrams and get a faster time. The worry-wart says I need more than 4 1/2 months of barefooting to run a marathon, especially when I haven't done the distance before. He may be right.

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