Friday, May 7, 2010

Run like a bird

After our hike in New Zealand, we were on the bus back to civilisation and there were some birds floating around along the lake shoreline. There wasn't really any purpose that I could see to their flying, it just seemed they were floating around because...they could.

It struck me that for humans, running is our equivalent. Or at least it can be if fitness is not an issue. I don't run for any particular purpose most of the time. Sure I have my training runs, where I do intervals or time trials, and yes I am building up to run a marathon, but the real reason for those long runs at whatever pace feels good is that it's my flying on the breeze. It feels good! It's what humans evolved to do, and it makes sense that it should feel fun and liberating.

Does it feel that way for everyone? Or are people out there enduring it rather than enjoying it? Is it a struggle, but you do it for fitness, or do you run because it makes you feel alive?

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