Friday, May 14, 2010

Overlooking the (not so) obvious

With the marathon coming up on Sunday, I nearly forgot one thing: how do I attach the timing chip to my leg if I run barefoot?

I am still undecided on whether to go barefoot or in the five fingers, but if I do go au naturale, how will I get the chip to stay on my foot / ankle / leg, and not bother me? Does anyone out there have a solution that they've had success with in the past?


  1. In my latest race, the Providence, RI half-marathon, the bibs themselves had the timing chip in them, which was great. I was wearing my VFFs, so I could have attached one anyways, but it would have been perfect had I been barefoot!

    Anyways, I've always wondered this same thing if I were to run a race barefoot and I always thought I would get by with some combination of a shoelace and duct tape around my ankle, but maybe I'm trying to think like McGyver or something. I've heard of people using the leg straps that triathletes use around their ankle. I'll be interested to see what you ended up doing though :-)

  2. Brandon,

    I saw some guys in a pic recently wearing straps around their ankles and I think this would be the way to go. As it turned out, I wore the vibrams so it was a moot question in the end!

    Timing chips in the bibs is a much better idea, I wish they would move towards that technology down under.