Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Call me Zola...

I went for a well needed run at lunch time today, 4 days was too long a break. My knee was aching again this morning. I think it's channelling my sub-conscious and telling me to run Forrest, run. So it was 3 times around the tan or thereabouts for 12km. On the third time round a guy caught up and called me Zola. I'll take that as a compliment. I guess not many people see someone running barefoot around the tan. This was fairly evident from the countless quizzical looks I got from most people running the other way.

We got chatting and he is in training for a half-ironman in Hawaii in June. He did a full one in China last year and is now just getting back into it. So we were running together and chatting for about 10 minutes and I realised how much more quickly the time passes when you're running and chatting at the same time. Before I knew it Dave the Scot (I should have asked him how Annie Lennox is these days) was off back to work and I found myself around the other side of the tan.

Time to find a regular running partner on some of these longer runs. You out there Jack? Let's pick up the distance :)


  1. This Sunday smells like forest and today smells like hump day

    Vibrams feel smell like sore calves :-D

  2. Well done Zola I used to love running around the Tan when I lived in Melbourne and I agree a training partner on the long runs certainly helps the time pass. I also liked your training ticker so much that I have put one on my homepage.

  3. Thanks, the tan is definitely a favourite. I found the training ticker on another blog and thought I'd throw one on myself. A good little tool!