Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 38. Baby I was born to run...

Read the book Born to Run for the second time this weekend. It's easily one of the best books I've ever read, and definitely the most inspiring for runners. I did read Once a Runner too recently which was a great read, but I definitely prefer Born to Run.

Every time I have doubts about my sanity for running barefoot, I just think back to this book and realise that it's insanity to put bit thick padding on our feet. I mean, if you started putting thick padded gloves on your kids any time they tried to use their hands and went around telling people, "it's ok, it's better for them because it's safer and corrects their poor hand usage technique", people would think you're crazy. And if a company started manufacturing such a product and told us we needed it, we'd think THEY were crazy. Yet that's exactly what the running shoe companies have conned us into doing with our feet. Ah, nothing like the sound of sheep bah-ing. The marvels of modern marketing.

But I digress. Two easy going runs in a row now, and I feel fighting fit again. I certainly could have kept going today, but it was a good distance to build up a light sweat and have me feeling good, and aching to get out there and ramp up some faster runs again. I trialled what I learned a few days ago with the barefooting to avoid causing friction on the mid foot, and it seems to be a winner. On occasions where my concentration went walkabout I definitely noticed a bit more friction, so it's something that I still need more practice at.

Basically for me I need to focus on a very slight "toe-poke" as I'm lifting my feet as if a ball were just in front of me and I want to lightly touch or kick it. It takes a bit of practice to do this while still keeping the legs relaxed, but I feel like I'm getting better at it. The pace feels the same, the amount of energy expended feels the same, but without the blister inducing lifting of my feet. It's only a very subtle change, but worth persisting with.

Run Summary
Distance : 5.19km
Time : 26:44
Elevation : +6.1 / -4.1

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