Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tan Time Trial #3

Today was time for the tan time trial #3 for the year. I felt pretty ordinary as I went on my warmup run. I am now of the belief that this feeling after a few days of not running is due to carrying extra muscle glycogen and feeling a bit heavier. I remember the same feeling at the start of several races I went in last year, and those were always after a bit of carb loading and a few days rest from running. I guess it's a good thing to be loaded up with energy, but the heavy feeling takes some getting used to. Being familiar with it is probably a big benefit, as at least now I know why it happens and that it's a good thing.

By the 1/2km mark into the actual time trial I felt like a weight was lifted and started running much more freely. I didn't feel particularly fast, but my end result said otherwise, coming in around 23 seconds faster than last time at 14:38. I don't think I went out as hard either, as I didn't get that "I wanna throw up, why on earth do I do this to myself" feeling anywhere near as much, and felt like I could have sprinted home a little faster. The only thing that stopped me was I felt like I couldn't move the legs any quicker, even though I had the lung capacity. This might be the surface - it's hard to get a grip on the sand when you want to accelerate, but I suspect I was just more stuffed than I realised.

Afterwards I am feeling good. Love that runner's high.

Run Summary
Distance : 3.83km
Time : 14:38
Average : 3:51/km

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