Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 39. I want to get high...

On grass...

It occurred to me that I have been almost exclusively running on hard surfaces, so today I hit the grass as much as possible. There are a few parks around so I took advantage of them. It is definitely a nice feeling, and no chance of blistering up :)

3 easy runs in a row...I think it's time for a bit of speed work tomorrow. I enjoy the chilled out pace but I also love to get out there and thrash it until I feel like I can't go any more. That reminds me of a passage from Born to Run - most people do their slow runs too fast, and their fast runs too slow. It makes sense. You need to either be below your aerobic threshold and burning fat (and teaching your body to become better at that), or pushing it so hard you force a response from your body to become faster, through rebuilding bigger and better and more efficient, so that you have a higher top speed, and a higher cruising speed.

Anywhere in between and you're just burning sugar. That's fine for racing (if that's your thing), but it won't get you a hell of a lot fitter.

Forgot the heart rate monitor today - bad boy.

Run Summary
Distance : 3.69km
Time : 17:49
Elevation : +9.1 / -7.7

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