Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 44. Brilliant!

Went for my long distance run today, up in the dandenongs starting at one tree hill. It was a bit of a random affair, just trying to find different tracks, and in the process I found some magic trails. There was a bit of everything, steep hills, magnificent scenery, the oldest hardwood trees in the world, overgrown ferns, fallen trees, waterfalls...and a wallaby! He crossed the track a few metres in front of me and we stood there checking each other out for a good minute or so. I think he was camera shy though, because he was happy enough to stick around until the exact moment I opened the camera app on the phone. Doh.

And was it peaceful. Apart from the occasional walkers, it felt like I was out there alone. That's the main thing I miss when running in the burbs, a bit of quiet. My focus was just to enjoy it and not worry about my speed, take breaks when I felt like it, and it was a lot fun. At times it just felt like I was gliding through the trails, a really cool feeling.

I expected to feel pretty tight after the car trip back home, but to my pleasant surprise I felt fine. Muddy, but not sore at all. The storms a few nights back left a few areas pretty mushy, which was good fun to run through. I found a few dead ends here and there too, but it was all part of finding some good trails that I want to return to.

Run Summary
Distance : 16.37km
Time : 1:36:15
Elevation : +555.7 / -548.6

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