Sunday, January 10, 2010

Day 10. Brighton Beach

What a difference 15 degrees makes. Headed down to the beach for a run along the walking track. A combo of a new diet (2 days in I feel like magic, but will wait for a longer period before making a call on how beneficial it is) and a much cooler morning, and I found I had to keep checking my heart rate monitor was positioned correctly because my heart rate seemed so low.

Whatever the case, I was feeling fantastic and a lot faster than I have been previously. Decided to pick it up for a 1km interval halfway through, and without pushing it too hard still came in comfortably under 4:00 despite it being a bit uphill.

There could be something to this change in eating habits. Stay tuned.

Run Summary
Distance : 7.51km
Time : 35:55
Elevation : +35.4 / -33.4

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