Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 9. Gardiner's Creek Track

Damn it's hot out there. No surprise that I found my heart rate elevated a lot higher than normal for the pace I was running at.

The Gardiner's Creek track is a great track winding along, well, Gardiner's Creek obviously. It was far too hot today to go very far without carrying water, so I just left it at a short run. Must get up early on these hot days and head out before the sun starts to sting.

I saw another dude wearing the vibrams! First person in Melbourne apart from Byrney that I've seen wearing them. He'd had them 2 months, picked them up in the states since they're ridiculously overpriced here. Well played sir, well played.

Still not sure what to make of the elevation correction in sporttracks. Sometimes on runs like this it seems spot on, then it goes and screws it all up on something like a running track.

Run Summary
Distance : 4.30km
Time : 22:10
Elevation : +22.1 / -21.1

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