Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 15. Tan II

Instead of interval training, I decided on twice around the tan. Once for warm up, and one flat out to see what speed I can do it in. Before setting out, I thought if I could get close to 15 minutes I'd be stoked. Wasn't too far off in the end at 15:27, at an average of 4:02/km. Next step is to drop that to sub 4 minute average, and below 15 minutes.

Bugger me it hurt though. Going up the Anderson street hill I wanted to stop, but somehow I kept going and it was satisfying to run through the burn. The last half km was just as hard, as it's a deceptive climb after a bit of a downhill dip in between.

An hour later and I'm tired but I feel like I've recovered pretty well. The hammies feel like they've had a good workout, but they're not overly tight.

Now I'm thinking bring it on again next week. Certainly wasn't at the time! Ah ya gotta love endorphins.

Run Summary - Warmup
Distance : 4.02km
Time : 19:03
Elevation : +60.4 / -41.9

Run Summary - The real thing
Distance : 3.81km
Time : 15:21
Elevation : +43.9 / -41.7

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