Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 31. Tan Time Trial

Jack was heading down to the tan so I joined him for a few laps of light jogging, with one time trial lap thrown in the middle. After getting around in 15:27 a few weeks ago, I wasn't sure how I would go this time, but was pleasantly surprised to just pip the 15 minute barrier at 14:59. Talk about scraping it in. So the next target is 14:30. Maybe by the end of February...

It was getting warm out there even by 9 in the morning, so I'm glad we went early. This arvo would have been a killer. Although I completed about 14-15km in total, I'm just going to list the time trial run here, as I can't be bothered uploading all the other run details. Our last 1 and a half laps were done barefoot at a pretty easy pace. I had to call an end on the second trip up Anderson St as it was generating a bit too much friction even at a slower pace.

Although the tan is not the fastest track - apart from being hilly, it's a bit slower running on the sand / gravel than sealed surfaces - I think I'll make it my end of month time trial for any month where I haven't got a race coming up in the next week. The hills make me want to spew and I feel like stopping most of the way after I reach about 2km in, but that's why it's so good to do :)

So that's it for January! A summary post is on the way.

Run Summary - Tan Time Trial
Distance : 3.83km
Time : 14:59
Elevation : +41.8 / -40.0

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