Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 27. The return of the hump day runners

Joined the gang again for hump day running, including running to & from the city. Just a gentle run today. I have slightly overdone the barefooting (too much too soon, as is typical for me) and the feet are a little tender. There are blisters which are not overly painful but enough to feel and have forced me to slow a little. I'll give them a couple of days to recover. My plan to run to work barefoot tomorrow to work has been placed on hold. I'll get the VFF's out and run home as far as is comfortable, but no further. No point in exacerbating the problem.

While looking for info on blister prevention, I found a good website on making the transition from shod to unshod running. It's the Barefoot Running University! I guess I'm hoping to be a graduate without the degree...It mentions some common sense stuff, like if you develop blisters, you're doing too much too soon (mental note to self: duh!).

Left my watch in the office so I'll have to update the run details tomorrow.

Run Summary - Part 1
Distance : 2.53km
Time : 11:30
Elevation : +56.6 / -25.5

Run Summary - Part 2
Distance : 2.30km
Time : 11:49
Elevation : +29.9 / -67.7

Run Summary - Part 3
Distance : 1.09km
Time : 5:26
Elevation : +14.0 / -17.4

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