Thursday, January 21, 2010

Day 21. A revelation, plus more BFC

I realised today that I've forgotten something important when I head out running - start slow! Today I went out with the intention of just running slow and easy. After the first km which was a cruisy pace of 5:24, I came to the realisation that this was the ingredient I'd been missing of late - patience.

I decided to make the run a bit longer and keep the focus on going easy. Well as it turns out I ended up at a fast pace by the end and never felt like I'd got out of second gear. It could be a necessity for a fast race time (in short races at least) to go for a 2 or 3km jog as close to the start time as possible. Speaking of races, right now I am setting a goal of a sub 1 hour time for the Run for the Kids in March (14.4km). Last year when I had just started out running I finished in 70:12, so it would be a significant improvement in the space of a year if I can pull it off.

It was getting dark by the end of the run, so I had to end it earlier than I would have liked, but it was a fantastic way to jog my memory (pardon the pun) on how to go about it the right way.

Another barefoot run into the legs, and it's feeling better every time. I am now setting my sights on a barefoot commute. I think I should be able to manage that within the next 2 weeks. Looking forward to seeing how my feet go.

Run Summary
Distance : 5.63km
Time : 26:58
Elevation : +11.3 / -11.6

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