Sunday, January 31, 2010

Summary - January

Well one month in and I'm feeling good. I wasn't sure if I'd bitten off more than I could chew, but I'm finding that running everyday is easier than I thought, as long as I don't overdo it. I did go barefoot 7 days in 8, and that was too much too soon, but other than that I am happy with my progress. I am definitely feeling much fitter, and my speeds and heart rate are showing that.

I want to run more km's each month than the previous month, so a starting point of 210km is a good base to begin with. Bring on the rest of 2010!

I remember the calves feeling sore in the first week, but that is all a distant memory now. I am relieved at how quickly my legs have adapted, as it might have been a bit tough keeping it up otherwise. I feel good and strong, and touch wood I don't feel even close to any injuries occurring.

Some random thoughts
  • Starting out at a very easy pace ensures your body warms up correctly and you don't place undue stress on your heart. I found the runs where I felt best were when my first kilometre or two was at a slow pace. The trick will be to find a way to achieve this same easy start in races, as you generally have too many people around at the start line to do any sort of warm up while you're waiting for the gun.
  • I think the runs where I had the heart rate spikes at the start of the run occurred because I went too quickly at a time when I wasn't feeling flash. This is related to the point above.
  • Sans music is the way to go. I didn't take the mp3 player out once and didn't miss it.
  • Sans warm-up stretch is also the way of the future. You don't need it and it's more likely to cause injuries than no stretching. 10-20 minutes of slower jogging to start out with to warm up the body is enough. A light stretch after is all I ever do, and only after harder sessions at that.
  • The barefoot feeling is fantastic, but it does take time as I've written about. I just have to give the soles more adaptation time, but they're getting there. A few more months should do the trick. The vibrams are a good way to keep up the speed and develop the fitness in the meantime.
  • Last, but perhaps most the most important discovery I have had - feeling like crap is not a good reason not to run. Feeling like crap is THE best reason to run! It will be hard at first, so go easy, but by the end of the run you should be feeling a lot better.

The numbers game
Distance : 209.48km
Tan Time Trial : 14:59
Fastest 1km time : 3:30
Number of Blisters : Too many to count
Injuries : 0
Days Rest : 0

So it's adios January, hello Feb.

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