Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 20. Commute and the Curse of the Chronic Chafing

There must be a way to run long distances without serious chafing downstairs. Since I haven't yet discovered it, I reckon I am doomed to a life of redness and pain if I choose to continue on long runs. Yeah yeah a bit of vaseline doesn't go astray, but it doesn't really offer a permanent solution. And I'm into permanent solutions (the non-Nazi kind). It was bad enough to stop me running home even though I felt up to it. Walking is painful enough.

My left knee's lack of cartilage is becoming a minor problem every now and then. Damn you old war (or basketball) injuries. It seems on the downhill sections of a run (no matter how slight) it gets a little aggravated. As soon as I hit the flats it seemed to disappear, but at the 6-7km mark I was definitely in a bit of discomfort.

By the time I'd made it into work it was no longer a problem, but it is something to keep an eye on.

So what was supposed to be a double run had to be abandoned. It happens.

Run Summary
Distance : 13.42km
Time : 105:55
Elevation : +57.8 / -91.2

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