Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 25. Longest. Barefoot. Run. Ever

Today's run was the longest I've ever run completely barefoot. On my first ever barefoot run I set out to be sensible and just give it a trial, but loved it so much I ended up running 8km and gaining 9 blisters in the process. Since then I've gotten a little less dumb about it and started building up slowly. So today's run was the first time I've gone further than that initial kamikaze style outing. Some observations:

  • At the end of the run I could feel my feet muscles tiring a little. Is good! I haven't felt that for a while, so they must be reaching a new level of fitness.
  • I could also feel the adductors tiring. Again a new experience. I think my running style is becoming more compact, and I'm starting to use the bigger leg muscles in different proportions which is causing slight changes in how things feel.
  • I think my feet have really toughened up - there were a few points on the run where there was pretty rough bitumen and I had to place extra focus on light footfalls, but other than that I never really noticed any discomfort.

Based on my progress so far I am aiming to do the run for the kids barefoot. At the moment I see a few problems I need to overcome to make this happen:

  1. I need to be able to attach the timing chip to my feet/ankles somehow! I'll have to experiment with this when the kit arrives :)
  2. I still can't run at high speeds. To combat this, I might try some short 100-250m faster pace intervals initially and build up to some 1km intervals.
I'll probably still end up wearing the VFF's just for the comfort factor, but it's a good goal to shoot for.

Run Summary
Distance : 9.01km
Time : 40:38
Elevation : +30.2 / -32.7

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