Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17. Feelin good!

Today was a big surprise. After the last few days which were pretty taxing, I was expecting to be feeling pretty flat, and at first that was exactly what was going on. But then once I was going I discovered I All the lethargy just evaporated and I was buzzing along.

It felt like I was floating above the ground; it is a feeling all runners crave. Maybe it was the fact I was back on flat ground, or maybe it was the gallon of coke I drank at the movies an hour before, who knows. I wanted to keep running but I had to hold myself back a bit at the end and call it a day at about the 4km mark - other things to do (and a massive storm coming in fast). All in all a very pleasant surprise!

Run Summary
Distance : 4.41km
Time : 20:11
Elevation : +9.2 / -12.1

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