Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 14. The bare minimum...

Just a warm up run today, with some barefeet conditioning thrown in. Twice around the local track only, as I had a hard gym session this morning and the legs are still feeling it a fraction. I want to keep some energy in reserve for the next few days, as I plan to do some intervals and a good hard run up in the dandenongs with Jack on Saturday.

Had a massive heart rate spike today, all the way up to near my max heart rate. Buggered if I know what caused it, since I hadn't eaten for nearly 2 hours. The mystery continues.

The barefoot is feeling easier every time. I know it wasn't a long run, but I can't feel any sore points, although I have found I am still tensing a little as I get to rockier parts, and holding my breath a little. It's funny the way you react to stress - as though taking shorter faster breaths is going to stop my feet from feeling little jabs from pebbles. Ha.

Oh, and for blister strategy - don't pop them. They take way longer to fully heal over if you do. Not that they hurt, but the skin becomes much rougher, very uneven and takes ages to get back to being smooth.

On Jack's recommendation, I'm starting a new book tonight, Once a Runner by John Parker. The book to end all running books if the hype is anything to go by.

Run Summary
Distance : 2.23km
Time : 10:40
Elevation : +3.5 / -5.0

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