Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 6. Commute, and Hump Day Runners

Traffic was hell this morning. Of course, I didn't give a crap, since I ran to work. Somewhere between 13 and 14kms. Had my 3 minute brekky 45 minutes before heading off. Thought this might be cutting it a bit fine but no problems.

Wasn't feeling particularly enthusiastic as I started out. I've done this run a few times and enjoyed it, but for some reason I just wasn't feeling it today. So I took it easy to start, and before I knew it I was in the groove after about 3km. Then I hit the "wall"...luckily I found a 7-11 employee kind enough to let me use the facilities!

Hydration strategy was to take a few mouthfuls of half strength gatorade every km. My watch beeps at me each time I add a click, so this part was easy. Took the camel back with 2 litres of liquid gold on board, and the strategy seems to have worked. I didn't feel thirsty at any stage and recovered fine afterwards. Thighs were a little tired in the last few km's which is interesting for the fact that the legs went before the lungs did.

I've always suspected this run was subtly but steadily downhill to work. The profile confirms it. Didn't realise that I picked up the pace once I hit St Kilda Rd till I saw the profile afterward. Guess I must have been feeling ok. I think it takes me about 20 minutes before I am properly warmed up, and then really hit my straps about 45 minutes in.

Run Summary
Distance : 13.72km
Time : 1:08:19
Elevation : +55.4m, -86.7m

After work it was off to join the lads for the hump day run. The usual route from the city and around the tan, although I finished up close to work so I could pick up my gear. This was at a pretty chilled pace, since some of the boys are still getting their fitness levels up.

Run Summary
Distance : 6.85km
Time : 37:57
Elevation : +123.3m / -107.3m

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