Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Day 12. More Barefoot Conditioning

After the success of yesterday's barefoot run and the lack of any new blisters or soreness, I decided to go for another barefoot sojourn. Feeling a little more confident, I gave it 3 circuits of the MacKinnon reserve. Well I ended up with 1 new minor blister, but gained a lot of confidence running on sandy gravel tracks.

Yes the occasional pebble digs in a little but I soon wasn't even noticing or caring. Bitumen is still a little tougher, it requires a slightly slower pace to avoid friction. Soon enough that shouldn't be a problem either. Building up slowly but frequently is definitely the way to go.

One big advantage I found is my running form has improved slightly even compared to the VFF's. I was taking even shorter steps and landing even more lightly on my feet, with no loss of pace at all.

I couldn't contemplate going back to regular shoes any more. There is no way I could get the equally important benefits of enjoy running this much, staying injury free and feeling this healthy & fit. Viva la barefoot.

Run Summary
Distance : 3.45km
Time : 16:41
Elevation : +8.7 / -8.3

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