Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 2. Still running...

Another day, another run. This time just a local jog around the block. The calves were a little sore from yesterday, but nothing too drastic. I was feeling the thighs a bit in yesterday's second run, but seem to have fully recovered today.

Occasionally my heart rate seems to sky rocket when I first start out on a run. Today this happened again. I did eat an apple about 15 minutes before the run, and approx 300ml of water as well. Maybe one of these or both caused this. Will have to try to find a pattern for when this happens.

It was a nice afternoon for a run, sunny with a bit of wind, but not hot at all, about 20 degrees. Wasn't feeling particularly fast or energetic, again that might be down to eating too close to the run. Or it might be the fact we ran a fair way yesterday...

Run Summary
Distance : 5.00km
Time : 24:13
Elevation: +23.3m, -28.8m*

* This article gives a good summary of the strengths and weaknesses of typical gps systems. I have used SportsTrack to correct the elevation data. Unfortunately this won't appear in the garmin account data as I can't export to this from SportsTrack.

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